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Question Epox Tech, please help -> EP-4T2A3

Dear Epox Tech,

Ok, now comes a little more technical question..

I have been testing EP-4T2A3 motherboard few days now and as you know it's based on i850 chipset and RDRAM-memory.

I have now tested and noticed that 3,3V line somehow affects to memory bus, and here are my testing results (memory running at 4x):

Raising the 3,3V line from Forton Power (limit is 3,9V) HELPS raising the Front side bus.

3,3V -> 119MHz
3,6V -> 127MHz
3,76V -> 129MHz
3,79V -> 131MHz
3,89V -> 133MHz

Ok, now the BIG question is.. what does this 3,3V line control? What component does it affect SO much that you can see so big difference when raising the 3,3V line from power supply.

Any information is more than welcome. For example, circuit diagram of EP-4T2A3 HIP6521 chip or something.

Now here is the plan what we are going to do after we figure, where does this 3,3V line affect. We will modify the input so, it will make a voltage from +5V line and so we are able to supply more than 3,9V which is the limit of power supply.

Please answer are you able to help us or not.

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