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Heat Problems

k so i got a AMD 3500+ Venice, 1 gig of twinX corsair ram, x850 xt pci-e, and MSI K8N Neo4-f board....and so i tried using the D.O.T. (Dynamic overclocking technology) on my mobo, and it didnt do n e thing. It didnt even boot windows, it got to the loading screen and that was it...but THAN prior to that i used ATI tool to oc my card a bit and that went even worse, after i saved the settings my computer was telling me that i didnt even have a gfx card i would try to play a game and it would say you dont meet the minimum requirements. So i set back my 3500+ back down to the stock clock speeds. and the gfx card back to its core speeds. and it works now, but i was playing f.e.a.r. the other night and it crashed f.e.a.r. cuz it said my vid card was over heating? i have one of the big ChenMing cases with 3 fans + my heatsink fan and the big 2 slot fan on my card (the stock one /w sapphire)...and my psu is just a stock ISO 450 watt psu, so what should i do to make it from over heating, i just spend $900 on this **** i dont want it to crash and burn...if someone could give me tips on cooling, or if i need a bigger psu for the card that would b great. thx
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