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Epox Tech, Heh don't worry.. this is my fulltime job as webmaster of largest hardware and overclocking site in Finland

(So if I can figure how to solve this, there will be many happy EP-4T2A3 motherboard owners in Finland)

But anyway..

If I set 3,3V to 3,3V from PSU and supply 2,9V from bios to RDRAM the limit is 119MHz front side bus.

If I set 3,3V to 3,9V from PSU and supply 2,5V from bios to RDRAM the limit is 133MHz front side bus.

Few other things I have noticed:

If I set memory to work 3x CHIPSET is able to work FINE above 133MHz... so chipset isn't problem.

Somehow this 3,3V line affects to memorybus but it isn't VRDIMM voltage..

Epox Tech, Are you able to get any datasheets or something

Here is an image of regulators near RDRAM-memory slots. BTW, For what use is that PW3-connector which is removed?
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