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Originally Posted by Lazgoat
Q: Whats the difference between US PSP's, UK PSP's and Japanese PSP's? I can get hold of a US one quite cheap. Can I mod it the same as the rest? Andy...?

Jap PSP at firmware 1.50 will not play UK UMD's besides Spiderman with an exploit.
Jap PSP at firmware 2.00 will play UK UMD's.
USA PSP will be firmware 1.51, 1.52 or 2.00 or greater - it would need to be upgraded from 1.51 or 1.52 to 2.00 before running the overflow exploit to downgrade back to 1.50.
USA PSP will give aggro sometimes updating to a generic 2.00 firmware and is difficult to try to patch for UK UMD's.

I only sell Japanese Value Pack PSP's in white / black. I did unfortunately have to get some USA standard packs at one time - sold a load through QVC and had nothing but the usual hassle from the ever present smelly nerd frat because they behave rather odd with UMD's.

I would state - do not get a PSP from the states!!!
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