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Originally posted by Cr@sh2k1
Yeh, Epox Dood!!!!!

Turbo Dan said something about unlocking my CPU so i can overclock it then Random Nonsense says that it is factory unlocked

(my head hurts already LOL)

But seriously i got me an EPOX EP-8KTA3+ an a Athlon 1400 CPU an i wanna overclock it!!!!

Any advice (or even better the settings i need LOL)


Basic CPU overclocking 101..

CLock speed = CPU multiplyer X FSB.

FSB is normally 133mhz, thats the speed that your motherboard, memory and (depending on motherboard) PCI devices and hard drives run at.

The CPU runs at a multiple of the FSB as above.

You should be able to increase both via your bios to overclock.

Some processors have there multiplyer unlocked at a fixed value. You can "unlock" locked AMD processors by closing the L1 bridges on the CPU. Luckiy for you your 1400mhz CPU comes unlocked.

Voltage --- By increasing the voltage to your CPU you can sometimes get a higher overclock. Increasing voltage will increase the heat produced and will reduce the life of your CPU. upto 1.85v is pretty safe, beond 2v is pretty dangerous.
You may find that a voltage increase gives you more stability.

Firstly try increasing the multiplyer by .5 if the CPU runs ok then try increaseing by another .5. If you find your PC is unstable boost the voltage slightly and try again.

Once you have found the upper limit as for as CPU and voltage is concerned post back.

Also download motherboard monitor 5 from and find out your CPU temperature.
Lower temperatures can = better overclocks.
If your CPU is allready pretty hot it might just crash when you try to overclock it.
No longer Epox Tech.

Best of luck in the future all my friends.
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