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Talking I want to build a custom gaming laptop!


Like stated in the title, i want to build a custom laptop. The problem is I can not find anywhere that just sells bare bone laptop systems. I want to use an AMD FX-53 processor that I have in my desktop. I wanna either slap 2gb of RAM in there, or if thats not possible then I Will have to go with 1gb. I also want to use the 256MB NVidia® GeForce™ Go 6800 Ultra for graphics. For my screen I want either a 17inch or 15 inch widescreen LCD. Ill prolly go with what is cheaper. I want a clear screen thats good for playing games on it.

Basically I want to build a good gaming laptop (kinda a knock off of an alien ware cuz I dont have that much money to spend!)

Also I want to use one 100gb or 120gb hard drive, and sometype of external soundcard so i can dock it on my desk and hook it up to my speakers, monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.

What else do yall suggest?? You think i could maybe get an alienware laptop chasis of the internet somewhere? If not i need a good cheap barebones with just the board. No processor, GPU, RAM. I wanna put everything in myself. Im looking for a barebone thats under $500.

Comments are appreciated! Cheers!

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