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Vdimm/Vcore reference points.

Can anyone with some electronics know-how point out where I would measure the Vdimm and Vcore on this card?
Its a weird one for sure, based on the NV40 core(according to Rivatuner), or the NV45 according to spec sheets online. The fact the pipelines can be unlocked say to me NV40 though, it has the 6800NU pci-e reference heatsink but with the voltage regulation heatsink of the 6800Ultra, also it appears based on a version of the 6800Ulra pci-e reference board.
So its a 6800NU/Ultra sorta.....I think.....
At the moment it clocks to the same speed as the 6800ultra upto 400/1100 or 425/1000 and the 6th vertex shader is unlocked 100% ok but the last pixel-pipe quad seems quite iffy.
I would like to do a pencil mod to bump up the voltages just a touch, also I would like to see what they are as standard.
Any help appreciated.

-apologize for pic quality
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