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The points you've hilighted on the board for measuring are actually capacitors, not resistors. Penciling them would do no good and might actually cause the board to function worse.

Without being able to look at the board or get clearer pictures, I can only make some guesses about what you need to do.

I <THINK> that the multi-legged "caterpillar" on the bottom right of the back side of the board is your voltage regulator for the vCore. The voltage divider for feedback will most likely be in that area somewhere.

I <THINK> the large three legged transistor directly above the "caterpillar" is probably the FET for vDimm regulator. Most likely it is controlled by something like an LM339 Op-Amp, although I can't see it in any of the pictures. Then again, that might be for something else, or might not be a FET at all.

The front of the board appears to have 4 inductors, so it might be using a switching-mode regulator for both vCore and vDimm, with 3-phase for the core and 1-phase for the memory.

I just don't have enough to work with. Sorry.
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