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Originally Posted by Exile69
Why 2 7800GT's and not 1 7800GTX? I don't think there's a game out that a 7800GTX can't play with full settings. This is of course if you didn't upgrade from 1 7800GT to 2. As Pitch inquired why 1GB and not 2? Surely 2GB of RAM and 1 7800GT is cheaper/faster than 2 7800GT's and 1Gb of RAM.
Yeah, I thought the exact same thing after I bought the system. I think all the excitement got to my head.

So yeah, I've sold one of my 7800GTs, and gonna get another gig of OCZ RAM soon.

Yeah, that would be better =D

I'll post the benches as soon as I've got my RAM >=D

As for the pictures, some time today ^-^
OCZ Gold 6GB DDR3-1600
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All housed in a Thermaltake Tai Chi Case with lots of silent fans.
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