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Weird 8kha+ issue

Ok, briefly, I had a bad bios flash a month ago on my 8kha+, so it had to go back. It came back Thursday, but instead of just replacing the bios chip, they replaced the board.

The old one would do 160, turbo, everything on/fastest etc.

This one locks up/BSOD's/reboots above 150.

The weird thing I just noticed, is HUGE television interference when my computer is on.

Before anyone blames my PSU, it's been in for a few different boards now, and this is the first time I've seen this. My voltages are high too...5.11, 12.28, 3.39, and my Vcore is currently at 1.79, and I have it at 1.70 in the bios.(It'll go 1.85ish if I select 1.75) I'm thinking the voltage regulator is screwed up,(it's hot to the touch), but would it cause the TV interference too?
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