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Here's another one. (Multipliers and RAM)

So...general question. How high have you guys gotten your 8KHA+ CPU multipliers to? I believe I have unlocked my XP 2000, because I wouldn't get a post when I did anything to the multipliers (raise or lower them) before, and now it'll work fine when I lower them.

When I raise them however, they stay the same. The default multiplier that the 2000+ runs on is 12.5, when I put it at 13, 14, or 15 it just stays at 12.5
I read in an article on the web that the multipliers over 12.5 don't work, locked or unlocked. I was wondering if there was any truth to this. IF so, then at least I know I've unlocked this correctly.

Also...I may have an idea on my FSB limitations. I've not been able to OC the FSB successfully and boot past 145 MHz...I've been trying everything...removing PCI cards, removing drives etc. BIOS updated to the 2116 (1/16/02), voltages messed with...

But, I have 768 MB of Crucial PC2100...and I just realized it's ECC!

Think the error correcting code in the RAM might be very sensitive to overclocking? That's my theory, I just wanted some other people's opinions.

Also...what brand would you suggest for PC 2700?

Thanks for your help guys.
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