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Originally Posted by geckzilla
What would have been more appropriate (imo) would have been to use the art without the copyright and then put the credit in the caption of your photos. But that's just me. I'm not annoyed, it just gets a laugh and a shake of my head out of me whenever I see it. Silly, really.
Point taken, and I'll bear it in mind in the future. I certainly wouldn't want you to feel that I had sullied your work.

I'm an artist myself, although my art is in the code I write, so I can definitely understand your feelings.

Originally Posted by geckzilla
Time to build a new computer case, Gizmo. Hop to it! Maybe you could go for pink instead this time? Heheh. Just kidding.
Not bad, but I'm not much on pink. Sorry. It's a guy thing.

However, even though it isn't a dragon, I'm kinda partial to Blue Bird. Something about it sings to me.

Might have to pry some time loose to do a case themed around it.

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