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Not really but thanks for trying! I've got about £320 max to spend, that must include VAT and Delivery. I've got that monitor i was after, pretty decent but there's no VGA cable with it and the power cable only gives out 3.0A whereas the monitor needs 4.0A. I have got one of those 'all round' adapters for things like portable radios, it's got a voltage and polarity change switch. I plugged it in to the monitor, and switched it on. The power light flashed on and the screen flashed on (went a bit darker as though it was active) for a second. Then it went into standby so it's working, but i now need a VGA to VGA adapter, both ends need to 'plug into', one end into the GPU card and one into the monitor, both 'male' connections are needed at both ends of the cable.

So i've got about £320 to spend at max, no more though. So i can afford a 3200+ possibly. I think i'll stick with athlon.
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