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WCG -How to install and join the team

Go to the WCG website and download the version you need. Since most people use Windows, that will be covered first. Downloads and installation instructions can be found here.
After you have installed the program, go to your "My Grid" page here.
There you select from the column on the left, and change your Profile, Projects, and Preferences on how the program runs.
Most important is to click on Device Manager, and it will show your device.
Where it says "selected profile", click on "default". Once there, you can change when and how the program runs on your machine.

To join the AOA Forums team, go to this page and clcik on "join this team".
On that page you will see some team stats. Scroll down to where it says Team Member Details and Statistics and click on Points Generated, and it will give you list of members and stats. I think that stats update every 6 hours or so, but I'd have to double check.

Once you have joined the team, you can edit your signature so that you can sport AOA's beautiful WCG badge. To do so add the following to your signature:
PHP Code:
Remember to replace YOUR_WCG_USER_NAME with your actual user name on the World Community Grid. That's all there is to it!

Oh yeah, if you want to have your sig badge link back to this page (so that others can easily find the information on how to become part of our team, just include the thread id like in the following code:
PHP Code:

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