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Homebrew Tetris for PSP (firmware 2.6)

Here it is at last, the moment that v2.6 users have been waiting for - the first homebrew game for the v2.6 firmware.

You can read about it and download it here - including some tips for troubleshooting any problems you might have running it.

Note that this version has some very minor tweaks from yesterday's initial release, mostly aimed at fixing problems running with EU copies of GTA, on v2.6. It works flawlessly on my newly-upgraded v2.6 PSP, let me know if you have any problems.

I plan to release a 'DIY v2.6 homebrew' package at some point in the near future, which will include the GTA Tetris source, and allow people to port their own simple games to v2.01-v2.6, while waiting for the EBOOT loader to be finished.
About to take a look...

You can find it on this page:
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