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Originally posted by Azriel
I'm not endorsing this lunacy in any way, but...

You still would benefit from a heatsink. If you do not use a heatsink, you will have to jet water into the CPU to cool i effectively.

I like the fibreglass resin idea. (I use it to repair gastanks. It is indestructible.)

I tried some experiments like this a while back. Transmission fluid was a decent non-insulated cooant. Brake fluid ate the plastic parts. Water presents several problems.

1) The board and all the cards and connections will have to be completely insulated against the water. This is going to take forever, and will most likely breed heat issues.

2) If you do not use distilled water, you will have corrosion issues.

3) If you use distilled water, it won't be distilled anymore after you airate it or the fish. See # 2.

4) The fish will die. Idle and load temperatures will probably varry enough to kill any fish.

I think you will need to isolate the mobo. If you keep the two areas separate, it will help the fish, and you won' have fish crap on your board.
As per number one he could use plumbers puttp to seal the cards slots or possibly the wax they use for canning.

As for idle and load temps most tropical fish can take temp changes of around 10 to 15 degs as long as it isnt sudden like taking them out of 80f watter and dropping them in 70f that will kill them but a slow change would be fine also i doutthe water would het up any where near 10 degs more like 2 to 5 max depending on the size of the tank a 10 gallon will heat up more than a 25 gallon and do so faster.
Also he could run it through a simple system to cool or heat the water to keep the temp from climbing or falling to much.
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