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Never been this stuck before.

I feel Terrible .. ..
THis is what we bought for Monica...
a8v mobo
AMD Athlont 64 with HT technology 3200+
one standard maxtor ide HD
Geforce 6600gt
1 gig ddr strip in ddr dim b2
hiper modular power supply -

Coming up to chrsitmas i put it together, turned it on, great a beep its working. Message - " Er I dont reconise this chip" -
The guys at scan computers said it was compatable even has a and64 sticker on box, must be bios and away I was too
There was alot of bios there for this board, I tryed to play safe, ignored the recent and betas and downloaded Version 0208.
Flashed it with ALT Asus EZ Flash - It worked and reconized the proccessor.

CMOS Checksum Bad
Press F1 to Run SETUP - no matter what i do here HT included After I save and exit BIos I get a black screen monitor light flashing.
Press F2 to load default -this worked once - enough to reformat the drive and get windows on it.
EVerytime the computer restarted CMOS Checksum Bad
Press F1 Press F2 .......

I tryed the Asus EZ Flash again with a later version i got this msg...
error! ROMID is not compatible with existing bios ROMID
Then I tryed it with the same Bios file - maye if i redo it.... And It said..
error! ROMID is not compatible with existing bios romid
ok lets not try a new bios and press F2 again...... and it says
NTLDR is missing
PRess Ctrl + ALt + Del to restart.......

Worse after i set bios and the screen goes blank flashing monitor light.
Even taking the power supply out and moving the CMOS jumper wont get me back on... I need to remove the CMOS battery also...

IM going around in circles here. Poor Monica hasnt got her computer yet.
She probably thinks im lazy but im baffled. WHat do I do tell her Boyfriend to buy her a new board, and send this back to asus with a msg saying.
error! HIstory is not compatable with the Future...
WHy dont you sell them with the flipping bios upgraded....
Why dont the shop people say "THis board will blow your mind"...

IF anyone has any IDeas at all about what i could be doing wrong...
PLease Help me.
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