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Originally posted by EPoX Tech
The spec. of LA6 is IND. 10nH, 1608, an inductor, not a capacitor and definatley not a voltage regulator
Thanks for the info Epox Tech, I suppose I will get the board returned to me soon and will try to solder a new one onto the board.

Is there anywhere a guy can get detailed schematics of the board (with component specs)? Its not that I don't believe you, I just want to make sure thta I broke the same component you guys are talking about (LA6). Actually, I kinda figured this would turn into a lengthy thread so I took a few pics of the damage to the unfortunate board. I will try to post them soon.

More importantly, any place you would recommend getting a replacement component? I usually use Digikey, but I'm not sure they have anything that small.
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