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My new Dell 2405 24" crashing my games HELP!

Well i just received my Dell ultrasharp 2405 the other day and am very pleased with it, but i hadent tried any games yet so today i decided to to try them out.

I am having trouble with my games. The whole system seems to freeze up on my after 30 mins of play, sometimes it happens after just 10 seconds, requiring me to do a system reboot.

The games i had trouble with were san andreas (which i could play for 30 mins) then i played earned in blood (could play for 30 mins, then lastly quake 4 (which only made it for 10 seconds), in all the cases i had changed the resolutions to 1600x1200. When quake 4 dies after 10 seconds at that resolution i restarted my system then stared the game switching the resolution down to 800x600 to see if maybe my graphics card was the culprit.... NOPE same thing happened after 10 seconds, the whole screen froze, requiring another system reboot.

Does anybody have any idea WTF is going on here?!?!

Some side info: MY LCD is using DVI and i have the desktop refresh rate set to 60mhz, im running a X850XT PE (PCIe) using omegadrivers (5.12) along with ATi tray tools ( All the games i have ran i was using the (manual) fan control setting it to 100% so there wasent an overheating issue.

Im really not sure if this is a gpu driver issue, or if my X850 just dosent have enough juice but i thought id try here with you guys first. If i should be posting to a different kind of forum (lcd monitor/gaming forums) could you be nice enough to point me in the right direction. I just spent a **** load of $$$ on this lcd and having this issue of mine really makes me mad but im hoping that the fix is an easy one.

Thnx. $$
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