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Bad mobo?

Hey guys I've been trying to get a mobo my friend had sitting around working, he said that he's neer been able to get it working good... so I thought id give it a shot.

I'm not sure the brand of mobo it has a 2Ghz p4 (I think) and a Via chipset.

Many times when i boot it up the mobostar screen will not even show up, the mobostar screen gives me the options to select boot device, enter bios, or choose network boot

Aometime the screen will show but the picture is shifted in areas and distorted...

When i do get to select the boot device and select cd-drive to boot from WinXP Home setup disk it starts loading and then will randomly reboot, sometime the setup will make it into loading all the setup files, and then will freeze when it says "Starting Windows" to begin installation

I have removed anything not needed, currently running with just a hdd, and cd-drive, keyboard, and mouse

I have used three different sticks of ram in different slots, and reset the cmos....

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
AOA Team fah
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