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I guess you've done new install on a second drive or partition?

It may be that Windows won't let you access private data assigned to old user ID's even if you use the same user ID/password as it also generates a unique key against the user ID.

A new windows install is a good idea when swapping hardware but making an unprotected copy of all your data and settings (remove file encrytion etc) is an must do before you do this.

If you can log onto the 'old' Windows install then you can copy 'Documents and Settings' to a directory on your new disk or use the MSoft transfer wizard - if you can't.

Make sure anything you copy hasn't got any access restrictions - right click on the top level folder use the security tab and make sure that the 'all users' group has permissions set up.

If you're logged in as admin then adding your current user id to the list of those with permissions will sometimes get you into a directory that appears locked if Windows will let you !

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