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Firstly make sure you are using Either Catalyst 6.1 or 6.2, anything previous will cause some major screw ups. Secondly, make sure that any and all nVidia display drivers are removed, this can cause serious issues. Use Drivercleaner to remove them

Also, I might add that you've little but bad mouth the X1900, for reasons I don't know.

If your friend still have issues with the card, refer to technical support or RMA it if you are certain that it is not a software issue. I think it's pretty obvious to you that it is not functioning correctly.

If my X1900 did the same, I would not assume for a minute that the card was operating correctly. Nor would I base my opinion of the card based on performance from a clearly malfunctioning piece of hardware.

For what it's worth, I couldn't be more pleased with my X1900, and it was upgraded from a 7800GTX.

We all have our preferences, and we all have our reasons for such choices. I think you've made your's pretty clear.

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