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Originally Posted by gizmo
Front Page, Cad!

Is that an 8 or is it a mangled 9? I really can't tell for sure. To the best of my knowledge, though, nobody is building 80 nM stuff; the next process node is 65 nM.

Nobody(AMD/Intel) did 110nm either, but most x1k series cards are this process size, as were some x8xx series. Just because CPU's are of a certain size structurally does not mean every processor must be.

So, yes, it's an 8, as you surmised here:
Originally Posted by gizmo
Hmm.........well, it certainly is different from the ones that are clearly 90 nM, and I just did a quick Google and it looks like Elpida at least is making stuff on 80 nM process, so it isn't out of the realm of possibility. Rather like what happened with the 110 nM stuff, I suppose....
And yes, It's VERY useful. Most gpu's run on a base clock of 27mhz, with a very high multiplier...the smaller process allows for more leakage than 90nm, however it(leakage) is FAR less than 65nm, which is the next known stable stop-point, at least known to public. As well, going to 65nm will make die size pretty small, and thereby making it harder to cool, because of less surface area to mate with a heatsink. This is the ultimate motivator in choosing a larger process than 65nm...the up-and coming chips are something to behold...both by sight and thermally!

I've taken over a new business and am very busy. Once i get my new rigs up and stable, I'll be back crunching WU's for the team....with a total of 10ghz!!!

that will take a while days off really until MAY.

More news will follow, but only as the past post and I'm gone. Trade shows are a wonderful thing...and it doesn't ahve to be a PC tradeshow for someone to get dirt!

next midrange chip to debut....x1800xt...299US for 256MB and falling, 339 for 512mb. ATI's prices are falling...retailers should follow in 3 weeks or so, but newegg has already jumped the gun!

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