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Originally Posted by madcatmk3
I've found that the trick is to buy an Ipod with a x-fi and up the quality and then put it on you pod and play it through good speakers, but thats out of your budget also look at sony, there core models are nice.
@aghast who that person in your avatar?
She is my girlfriend.

PErhaps sound quality is something personal. It also varies an awful lot on the music you listen to.
A classical music listener really would need something of extreme quality.

Perhaps you should wander down your local Electronics store and ask for demonstrations. Richer Sounds even have demonstration rooms, albeit not for MP3 players I don't think.

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Skinny people are not petite in every aspect of the body, let me tell you that
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I was searching for a synonym for testicles that rhymed with hats


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