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Originally Posted by madcatmk3
I hope it comes soon 64-bit will be nice.
The current beta versions have a 64 bit, but to get it (free) you have to have an existing 64 bit op system. I have the 32 bit Vista beta version (free on the MS download site) - it is really the just the core to replace the WXP2 core. My sense after using it is that they are still developing it to the point where it will get some traction in the retail market. I like it, but would not jump to buying it over WXP2 so far even though it seems faster.

I use a super tweaked W2000 Pro which remains the mainstay for me. Other than a small improvement in speed Vista is still bloated, and is all about features rather than Mach lll. My guess is that the usual way of of MS development which is a collection of independant activities working away, is not integrating fully yet so it is being delayed.
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