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Vista Fallout Continues....

Digitimes is reporting that investment bank Smith Barney has lowered its target share price for Asustek from NT $103 (roughly $3.16 USD) to NT$89 (roughly $2.73 USD), and lowered the rating from 'hold' to 'sell'. To be sure, Asustek has been suffering from other issues as well, so this is hardly the only reason that their stock price is dropping, but this sure isn't helping.

Industry analysts, including Lehman Brothers, are predicting that the delay of the launch of Vista will result in lower demand for notebooks and portables than had previously been forcast. This despite the fact that Intel is expected to come out with a round of price cuts earlier than the previously scheduled May 28 timeframe, in an effort to bolster sales.

Seems like most of the industry is expecting something just short of the apocalypse as a result of Microsoft slipping the shipping date on Vista (again). What do you think? Is this really going to hurt the computing industry that much, or is it much ado about nothing? Tell us!
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