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I'm not sure. I should be able to get pretty close. The prelim test was to see if the cpu was even capable...I simply dropped temps as low as i could get them, and then cranked up the voltage, making sure that prime95 was stable all the way. THe smaller 120mm rad i am currently using does not provide enough colling for this cpu by itself, so until i get the BIX3, I won't know for sure. It's ordered and on it's way, with the DangerDen full-coverage x1k series blocks.

My memory is currently kind of a limiting factor, as @ 3.35 ghz my ram is @ 238mhz, and showing more bandwidth than @ 256mhz.

although this may sound a bit strange to some, having more with less speed, this is entirely due to the A64 memory controller, which, although this is based on a lower membus speed than my standard clocks, is still not maxed out under current "stock" implementations(AMD settings), and shows just how foolish the move to DDR2 is for singlecore AMD users(IMHO)...and reallly exemplifies the importance of bandwidth for AMD multicores. I'm pushing the limits of my ram, with an extreme overclock...imagine if i had chosen a dualcore instead of singlecore!

I tihnk i may have found a bit of the "coldbug" culprit!
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