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Firstly, it depends when your looking at your temperatures. All the temperatures I measured were whilst the CPU was under full load.
This was done by running World Community Grid, Burning a CD-Rom and playing a game.
This will put the temperatures of a Stock CPU beyond 30 Celsius, no doubt about it.
Thirdly, it depends on your CPU. They all output different temperatures, with Pentiums generally being the hottest. Your Opterons run very cooly. Some of my test results come from a rig running a toasty FX57.
Fourthly, all the CPUs in my tests are overclocked. My Venice 3000 runs at a cool 2.4GhZ.
Lastly, although the AMD stock heatsink can cool usually to around the 35 Celsius mark, it does so with an awful lot of noise. The coolers above all do it at a much lower volume. The AMD stock HSF funs at around 4 sones. The new Arctic Cooler HSF's run at 0.4 Sones.

Nobody said achieving a temeprature under 30 Celsius is hard. It depends on a lot of factors. You cannot compare temperatures from two totally different setups fairly.

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