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Pretty sure that there's no dust... I have two heat sinks + fan, both from intel retail box and I've tried both using the Arctic Silver thermal paste. My suspicion is on either the motherboard or the power supply since it seems to run fine on another tower I have. I just want to see if there's a way to fix it through the BIOS or switches on board, since the hardware runs perfectly fine when under the 2.02 settings, after all, I've paid the money for a 2.26, and not a 2.02.

If it helps, here's some more info:
MBoard: ASUS P4T-533-C
Processor: P4 Northwood 2.26GHz 533MHz FSB
Memory: 768 MB RDRAM 800MHz on 4 RIMM
Sound: On board
Graphics: ASUS (not sure what model but about 3 years old)

everything else is standard pretty much

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