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I would first like to thank AP for allowing me to hijack his thread to post my review (thanks bro)

My review will today will be comparing two seperate CPU cooling solutions from respected companies. In question today we have the
Zalman CNPS 7700-CU and the Thermaltake Big Typhoon.

For the most controlled test possible, I moved the components to
the least drafty room in my home, and kept all air movement inside
the room to an absolute minimum (no open windows, doors) to in order
to keep the temperature around an average 67F. I also made sure by killing any unused proceses in the task manager and kept the number of
processes the same when using different units.

My testing display was by Nvidia's tool "Nv Monitor" and I can assure
as a margine of error -2C or +2C, so please take this fact into account.

Seeing as how AP does not have a pic of the Typhoon I'm posting one...

**Insert Typhoon image here***

My most critical tests...

First was this, I decided to simultainously run a Virus Scan (AVG Free edition 7.1.385) a single song from Limewire (Breaking Benjamin -Polyamorous) and conducting a Torture test using Prime95 (Blend option)

I allowed this to continue for 20 minutes while continously looping the song, after the given amount of time I took a measurement...My results with the Zalman 7700 (see below) 36C***

**Insert Zalman image of 36C here***

Then I simply preformed the same thing while the Typhoon was mounted.
(results) 33C***

**Insert Typhoon Image of 33C here**

Next came 3Dmark 06, and the Zalman 7700's results were....

**Insert 3Dmark 06, Zalman 7700 Image here***

And again the Typhoons results....

***Insert Typhoon 3Dmark 06 image here***

At first I felt some of the results were very inaccurate.
Therefore I took another day to repeat the tests, and the
findings came to be just about exact same.

Some other interesting things...

Idle 15 minutes the 7700 - 30C
Idle 15 minutes the Typhoon - 23C

30 minutes of Prime95 on blend 7700 - 35C
30 minutes of Prime95 on blend Typhoon - 31C

F@H 30 minutes on 7700 - 32C
F@H 30 minutes on the Typhoon - 27C

Other thoughts.....

In America the Zalman 7700 can be had for $49.99 + 5.99 3 day S/H.
The Typhoon can be had for $47.99 + 2.99 3 day S/H.
(Prices based from newegg currently of 4/24/06)

The 7700 itself is a huge mass of Copper, and I mean large.
It weighs quite a bit, while the Typhoon contains Copper heatpipe
mounting surface and an aluminum/copper fan base.
Weight difference between the two isnt much by real standards,
however the Zalman has a condensed weight of Copper over a smaller
area whilst the Typhoon has a larger weight over a larger area.

Some set backs were physical size. The Zalman in my Chieftech Intro server sat very comfortable with plenty of room to navigate around the cooler itself. The Zalman itself is around 2 1/2 inches from base to crest, and 5 1/2 inches from fin to opposite fin.

The Typhoon however is indeed "Big', in fact its a monster!!!
Being nearly 5 3/8 inches in height and still maintaining the same width as the 7700. The problem in turn resides in the height. As my original tower was a Thermaltake Wingo 5. The Zalman rested comfortably in its design as well, the Typhoon would physically not allow the 90mm fans mounted on swinging side hinges to close while installed (hense, why I'm using the cheiftech now)

Final thoughts.

Neither of these coolers are bad in anyway. The Zalman still kept the CPU under very acceptable temperatures. However the Typhoon just seems to have the lead by 5-7C both idle and high load temps, while
keeping a low noise of 16dBa. The price too, obviously at this current time the Typhoon being the cheaper product has its benefits as well.

The setback again is how massive the unit is, I cannot recommend this
solution too anyone with a small(er) tower. My Wingo was 8.1 inches in width, while my chieftech is 9.2 (give or take .2)

If you can hurdle this barrier, and are looking for a high preformance solution while not paying an extreme amount. The Thermaltake Big Typhoon is what you want. It bested my Zalman 7700 is EVERY test, and the results were repeatable by far. The price is attractive, the preformance great, noise low and should it fit in your case, you can brag how large the thing is. By far one of the best, if not the best air unit I've used for any CPU I've owned so far.

*Test CPU was an Opteron 148*
*Default voltage, HTT & Multipliers*
*PSU - Thermaltake 560watt Pure Power*

**Special thanks to Cadaveca for the recommendation**
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