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This would be a good time to consult the vast tome of knowledge that is my own personal GPU database spreadsheet.

Your card, the Gainward 6800GS 512MB, is NOT an NV40.

This is an extremely important piece of information, and means that you have only 12 physical pipes on the card, NOT 16. Not to worry though, because your chip is built on the very sweet 110nm TSMC process, which both overclocks brilliantly, and responds well to volt modding.

The 512MB AGP 6800GS is completely different from the 256MB AGP 6800GS. So whatever you do, do not flash your BIOS with anything, as your card is very unique, and likely to die if it takes a flash from anything. Its not just that its 512MB, its that its core is completely different to every other AGP 6800 (Though it is a distant relative, and shrunk down version of the Version 2.0 6800NU's NV41 core).

As for your overclocking, here is my tip.

Screw Rivatuner, and get Powerstrip. If you don't need unlocking, and in your case, you physically cannot, then Powerstrip is more powerful, and gives better options, and better overclocking choices.

Your card overclocked will be an absolute weapon, and should beat 6800 Ultras.
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