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Smile Compaq Camaro Mitac Motherboard

I've an old motherboard MVP4 Cam with Compaq Bios (Awful!)
I've tried to flash it with the last Mitac 5114 bios, ignoring the usual error message (mismatch...etc etc .)
After this operation , my motherboards seemed dead..Nothing to do!
After a few days , during a rare spare time, I connected again this mobo, without hard disk and cd-rom, but only with the flopy drive, thinking to
effect an 'autoflash' ..hoping ....
I switched my mobo on, then, having a lot of job, I forgot my mobo on...
After three or four minutes I heard a note noise: floppy disk was working!!!!!!! By mistake I've left in the drive another 'bios autoflash' for a mobo Asus A7Pro....MIracle! My bios was working again!!!
Then I flashed the right bios and now all it's working well!

This is for me a great mistery

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