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most modern anti freeze's are made up from ethlene glycol, which is a form of hydrocarbon.

In its pure form, it is an odorless, colorless, syrupy liquid with a sweet taste. Ethylene glycol is toxic, and its accidental ingestion should be considered a medical emergency
It has in the past been used to make wine taste better (east german wine jokes, when in fact it was Austrian) its also in 'moonshine'
in low quantities its not all that toxic as people make out however due to its sweet taste as said people dont just drink a little bit they drink alot. Effects are similar to that of alcohol poisoning (funny that it being an alcohol en all that). Oh its also quite flamable to boot.
30ml of the stuff neat (anti freeze is by no means neat) is enough to take out an adult human. Funny bit is the cure is ethanol which when neat is poisonous itself! The two fight each other out with ethanol being the lesser of the two evils. Usually a strong whisky, vodka or gin does the trick.

The higher the amount of water in your system the larger its thermal capacity (water = 4.2 kJ/kgK, ~ 1kg = 1l). The more water you have the slower its temperature will rise -> its less responsive to heat input change. Resevoirs act as an additional radiator as well, however they are only cooled by natural convection and have a much lower surface area / volume ratio.
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