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Can I get it any faster?

Ok guys well I finally have a spare setup to really try and get a decent clock out of my spare processor, So I began the overclocking process today with new memory (PC3200) since I originally though I was limited on my overclock by the slow speed of my original memory. I managed to run the new memory at 180Mhz stable tested with MemTest.... I changed the multi on the processor (AMD Athlon MP 1600+) to 9x and tried to boot with the settings of 180x9 = 1620Mhz, I have had this successfully running at 175x9.5 = 1662Mhz successfully with my old memory so i back the fsb down to 175 and upped the multi up to 9.5, nd it tested stable with prime95, but would not go any higher on the fsb even with a vcore of 1.8v, currently it is aircooled but I have a watercooling setup laying around I'm probably going to hook up on this.

My question is... is there anything I can do to get this clock any faster, will the wc help at all? or is this just as fast as it can manage?
AOA Team fah
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