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RAID, need advice and info

For my new Pc im going to have 2 80gb ide drives and a sata2 250gb drive.

Ideally, i probably want to use a raid 0 array because data loss isnt really an issue (seagate drives have always been fine for me and the important stuff is backed up on other drive through my network). The problem with this is how i go about setting this up, there are plenty of guides but they seem software based and the board chip supports both ide raid, sata raid and raid spanning across both.

To me the fastest option seems to be putting the 2 80gb drives and an 80gb partition of the 250gb into a raid 0 array, and keep the restas a normal sata 2 partition. Unfortunately, i have no idea of how this works or if it will work, so any help would be appreciated.

Drive to drive tranfer isnt and issue just read/write times to the raid array/left over stuff individually.
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