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b4 I OC...

Hi there, wondering if my PC is performing the best it can right now, but I have no reference to go by, I am running EPOX 8NPA SLI/Athlon XP 3400+, 2 GIG DDR 400 (Kingston) 2X XFX 6800 Xtreme in SLI, AC97 onboard pos sound ( I use usb surround headphones anyway ) and I'm cooling the CPU with an Artic cooling Freezer 64 pro, the video still has stock coolers with some 80mm fans screwed onto the heatsinks (still debating over tidewater plus or Accelero 1X...) I get 60,422 Aquamarks on it, my games run smooth as glass on highest settings with 2x and sometimes 4x AA @ 1024 x 768 ( I have a 21" CRT ) The whole mess is sitting in Xoxide's X-Static 2 Case/w 450W PSU (my voltages r stable so I haven't replaced it yet)

I dunno if I can squeeze more out of it without OC'ing it, but I think I am missing something...

here's the case, I got it cause it was cheap...

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