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Okay, with my new job i can actually afford to buy big cool computer things. however i'm not buying anything "big", infact it's gonna be small. a 17cm square thing. the Mobo of Doom for the NES PC.

VIA EPIA M10000 Nehemiah Mini-ITX Motherboard $151.00

I'm gonna be ordering it next friday (the day of my first paycheck from work) so i'm gonna be designing a layout for the peices in the time from now till it arrives. Check back here for more updates

I'm also gonna pick up the CD rom drive and appropriate adaptor

I'll soon just be needing a small PSU for it, and a Laptop Hdd. I've already got a Laptop HDD to IDE adaptor, and i'll be getting most cables with the mobo. This will be my first rig that i'll have purchased parts for seperately. All my other rigs i've just bought as is and bought cards/drives as upgrades either used or brand new
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