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Still picking out a shopping list, This is gonna take me about 3 weeks to get all the parts, i think. I'm ordering half (give or take) today, and the rest which is in this list. (unless you guys think of something i need/should have in this)

Power Supply:

I'll be needing a ac adaptor. I'll be choosing this one unless i can find an ac adaptor that more closely resembles an old NES Pc style ac adaptor.

And of course i'll be needing a hard drive, a laptop hdd is my choice.

I'm doing EVERYTHING as small as i can. Slimline Cd rom, small mobo, small PSU, small HDD. lol the only thing not small about it will be it's cool factor.

My mobo handles DDR Dimm Ram, and i've got a stick of 128, so Ram's gonna be one of the last things i buy.
Basically that above is what i need to buy manditory for the rig. However i'm gonna have some "extras" in it.

From staples; a USB wireless Network adaptor, If'n i'm reading it right, then it's basically a wireless network card that plugs into a USB port. If so then i'm gonna get it so i have an easier time transfering files to and from it.

I can't think of anything really right now as to what i may need/ or should get in it, but if you guys have suggestions then this thread is open to them.
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