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Hmm. I was going to suggest the problems with the hard drive spinning up then dropping off could be a power problem.

I had a similar problem, i couldn't boot into windows as my master drive was spinning up then powering off. I found out that it was being caused by a faulty UV CCFL that i had installed piggy backing power off the hard drive's molex. I removed it from the link and it worked first time.

Although i did take advantage of this 'hard drive failure' at college to get 2 week extensions on all my assignments that had to be handed in in my final month at college!

Check that you haven't got any faulty gear (IE fans/fan controllers/lights etc) piggy backing power from the hard drive if this keeps happening.

Also don't piggy back power for a graphics card from the hard drive. As when both the hard drive and graphics card kick in to performance mode there won't be enough draw from the power supply (if it's a rubbish one anyway) to power both simultaneously on the same link.
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