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hi all,
over the past few days, i've been messing about with multipliers and cpu Freq. Now, i've tried a lot of frequencies, firstly to try and get 2.8Ghz stable, and then if i could, 3.0Ghz. I think it was CPU-Z, but something reports that my cpu internal max is 3.0Ghz so i plan to try and exploit that as much as possible. Now, i've tried 295 x 9.5 which takes me just over 2.8Ghz. But the system starts, all i get are 2 long beeps after which the system restarts itself. So into PowerBIOS i go. I tried setting an artificial RAM limit of 200Mhz (DDR400). This allows me up to the point where windows begins to boot but then it automatically restarts. So i wnt back into PowerBIOS and set everything back to the 2.6Ghz 'standard' (see my sig). I checked CBID, i've got a P-Rating of 4100+. What i want to know is what would be the best multiplier to allow me to get that 2.8Ghz? My motherboards max CPU freq. is 400 so bear that in mind. Remember that i think it's my RAM that's limiting me and the artificial limiter seems to have quite an effect.

One other thing, what effect does PCI-E freq. have? what does it do?

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