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PCI-E, AGP, PCI, they all operate at certain speeds. Eg: Stock HTT is 200mhz. DDR400 operates at 200mhz. AGP at 66mhz. PCI at 33mhz. And PCI-E at 100mhz.

The same as AGP and PCI, PCI-E doesnt like to be run much past stock spec. Keep it as close to 100mhz as you can by setting dividers the same as you do in memory. It could be either memory, HTT multiplyer (5x at standard) or the PCI-E limiting you.

Since there is no graphics corruption, that rules out PCI-E speed.

Try setting a memory dividier of 166mhz. If this doesnt work, change it back to Auto, then change the LDT to 3x instead of 5x. LDT needs to be as close to 1000mhz as possible. Or thirdly, up the voltage.

2.8ghz on an A64 3200+ is a very respecable overclock, especially under air. You may not get 3.0ghz without adding water.

NOTE: LDT is the HTT multiplyer.
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