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Originally Posted by skool h8r
Well i tried what you said rondog, to no luck, i tried 290*9.5 and mem divider at 133Mhz, it crashed at windows start.

At the moment, i am running 280*5, which makes it 1.4Ghz XD but my memory is fine, no problems! The me divider is set to auto and it means that i've got DDR560 since it's dual channel. The actual speed of the computer is only ever so slightly slower, as in noticability, but no errors. I'm planning to go up to 400*5 which will make my memory DDR800 and my CPU 2.0Ghz, which is stock spec. My motherboard has a max CPU freq of 400. I doubt i'll actually be able to get my memory running that fast but it's always worth a try. DDR800 is just scorching. I'm going to try out what i have ATM in a few games, see how it fares. A bit of enemy territory should do the trick since that loaded very quickly on my overclocked rig. I'll post back with results soon. Wish me luck.

EDIT: Ok, my memory doesn't want to go any higher, but i've got 290 x 8.5 which makes CPU 2.46 and memory DDR580, but CPU-Z is reporting memory speed as 273.9Mhz so it's DDR547. hmmm, wonder how that is since mem divider is set to auto. Ahhh, i don't know, maybe i'm just asking too much from this memory. It is only PC3200 and is only designed to run at DDR400. An extra 60Mhz on each is pretty good, and an extra 600Mhz on my CPU is top class. Seems 2.6Ghz is the highest i can get on this CPU, well, maybe a little bit higher, but not by much. I was going to try getting 2.73Ghz, mainly because that's only 1Ghz below the Intel EE, but 2.6, better than most and better than i expected.

BTW rondog, i did try watercooling a couple of weeks ago, the kit didn't work out for me. Been meaning to send it back but don't have money to cover postage, and the e-tailer aren't willing to cover it. I'm gonna just sell the bits on here i think, at least that way i can make some money back on what i've 'lost'. Help me save towards that 7600GT or the smart phone i want.
Did you try the LDT multiplyer (mentioned in this article but with the title of HT frequency)? If not, its still running at 5x which puts the hypertransport frequency at 2800mhz when running a 280mhz HTT (or FSB in the old language). Which is 800mhz past stock spec! When running a HTT of 280mhz you should be running an LDT multiplyer of 3x.
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