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well i think i've actually narrowed it down to CPU limitation. I tried 265x10 but it failed in prime95 after about a minute. 260x10 with ram divider at auto seems stable. Seems i found my max a long time ago. I've always have voltage set at auto so even setting it to +0.25v won't make any difference since the chip is only supposed to run at 1.4V - 1.45V at ATM, it's running at about 1.58V, meaning i've got about 0.05V headroom spare before i risk destroying the memory controller.

So are you saying i should set the chipset voltage at the same as my CPU voltage, and the ram voltage to double what my CPU voltage should be? I can only set my ram voltage in increments of 0.1V, my CPU voltage in increments of 0.025V and i think my chipset voltage in increments of 0.1V. I've never messed with the ram of chipset voltages as the minimum being 0.1V, it's a little high to mess around with. Or am i wrong? Is it "pretty safe" to change without destroying the memory controller, or any other crucial part of the system?
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