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ON your cpu ya got a bunch of numbers.


the first line is the cpuid programmed into the chip. In this case, Opteron 170. the meanings of each letter of this line is well documented...and too much for me too type out.
CCB1E is the actual mask revison for this cpu.

The first "C" denotes final production.
The second "C" denotes that the mask was dual-core. "B" is singlecore
"B1" is the memory controller revison.
"E" is the cpu revison.

0609FPAW denotes the week, year, day of the week, and "lot" #.

Last line is serial number, denoting the actual slice the cpu came from, and the last four numbers denote where on that slice it came from.

There is other specific data programmed into the cpu, like TDP, tCASEmax, Juction offset, etc, but these are hidden within the coded matrix at the bottom.
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