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Well, it's actually the stepping mask that is important, the "CCB1E", combined with the "0609FPAW". The "B1" denotes one of the best cpu's for air/water cooling there is right now, and they come in Opteron 165 and 170 badging most often(for 2mb daulcores, that is). This particular mask is well know to run certain ram dividers well with high HTT.

Once those two are looked after(simply look for people with high cpu speeds and the "stepping" and "date code" they have, as generally almost all cpu's will perform the same from a given mask...)once they are taken care of, the last 4 digits of the serial number are most important. the lower teh number(eg 0067 vs 4582) the closer to the middle of the slice, and the better the cpu will perform when compared with others of the same mask revison and date code.


This is only for IHS-LESS CPU's...given the same cooling...if you don't pop the top, then it's luck of the draw. Typically the higher the thermal offset, the worse it will perform, once again compared to other cpu's of the same stepping and date code.
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