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Originally posted by Random Nonsense
i need a flatter bit of plastic for the top of the block now, since the square i cut from a coke bottle just wouldnt stick down
Don't you have access to some type of machine shop at the university??? I would think you, or one of your "mates", could machine an aluminum "clam shell" to recieve the 486 heatsink(which could be welded to the shell) and some hose barbs. I'd do it for you, but the shipping charges and shipping time would make that an impractical option.

BTW, I find that excesive northbridge cooling does not seem to help with FSB overclocking on the 8KHA+. I've tried a 72W peltier, with no gains what so ever over my modified TennMax cooler. My guess is that the memory currently available is simply not up to snuff. I've been meaning to throw my whole machine in the freezer to see what effect that has on FSB overclocking, but havn't been able to find the time.
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