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Need your advise on 6800GS AGP

I have a Palit 6800GS AGP 256 DDR3 graphic card (GC). The problem with the card is when I play latest games such as Titan Quest or Oblivion the GC gets extremely hot about 69C to 87C, ambient Temp is about 46C to 52C. This problem occassionally causes my system to crash and reboot. The stock heatsink and fan is not sufficient to keep my GC cool.

I only have limited choices for cooling kit due to where I live.

I'm considering the Evercool Turbo 2 Dual Heatpipe Universal VGA Cooler. My question is whether the said heatsink will protect the PCI-E to AGP bridge chip on my GC?

I initially wanted to chnage the stock heatsink to a Zalman Fatal1ty FS-V7 HIgh Performance VGA Cooler, but the cooling kit does not protect the bridge chip.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.<br />
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