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control you pc using xbox remote and voice

This project is to complement my diy projector. I find it rather tiresome to be playing about with the pc when i have freinds round to watch a movie. i would rather sit on my rear and control the pc remotely. So i had a look to see if someone had done it before and sure enough, they had.

The xbox remote control, it turns out, can be hacked so it will be compatible with pcs. Once you have rewired the reciever with a usb cable and installed the xbox remote driver/utility then you are ready to do basic remote control of media applications.

with the addition of a program called autohotkey this simple control can be expanded into something much more complex. instead of just using the controller to play, pause, mute media applications it is possible to write scripts to basically do anything! including emulation of the mouse and the ability to shutdown the computer.

the original idea;

links on that site give explanations of how to wire up the remote
and where to download xbox drivers + autohotkey

All of this has been done already. My aim is to improve on what has been done already and add my own ideas, namely the addition of a push to talk voice button and more complex scripts. One button on the xbox remote will be dedicated to the voice control interface which will, of course, require a mic and voice recognition software. This will enable me to use the remote to control things like mouse emulation and volume control and have the ability to use voice commands for things like shutting down the computer.

The voice software is a program called shoot which uses the voice regoniton software which comes with XP. It enables you to create scripts which will trigger certain hotkeys when a certain word of phrase is detected by the program via the mic. i have played about with xp's recognition software and after training it for 5-10 mins its is very accurate in picking up phrases. I even tried singing the phrases today and they were working each time!

The xbox utility allows you to use the xbox buttons to trigger hotkeys also. Autohotkey is then used to detect these hotkeys and run the corresponding scripts to do pretty much anything on your pc.

I am also thinking to install xp media centre on my pc to make things easier to navigate. I dont have any experience of the interface and don't know exactly what it does. Any comments from users with this edition of xp would be greatly appreciated. Microsofts site seems to pretty vague about what the real benefits of media centre are, maybe there arent many at all? well i would like to know either way.

also i will be dealing with moving things between a dual monitor setup remotely, which may prove quite difficult. Time will tell i guess.

The best thing about this project is the cost, which is minimal - epsecially if you already have an xbox remote controller system as all the software used is free. i will be posting my scripts as a guide to others, so hopefully you can just adjust them or expand on them. i will try my best to make the scripts concise and well commented so you know what is going on.

hope all is clear, i will be posting my progress on this progress as it happens. Feel free to add your thoughts and ideas or just general comments!

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