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Very strange problem????

OK, i have cable internet which is always connected, so whenever i click my browser, it connects.....but, the last few days i have run into a wierd issue.....whenever i let the computer sit idle for a couple hours or so, and then i click my browser, it seems it has lost its connection to the net. My connection to the network in my house is still good, and the other rigs in the house are still connected, the modem is fine, the router is fine, everything is just fine, except my connection is lost. The only way i can get it back is to restart my computer. I have scanned for viruses, spyware, etc. and my rig is clean, i have not installed any new software, or deleted anything except trivial stuff, so i am utterly confused as to why this is happening. Does anyone have any ideas as to what i can do to remedy this problem, it is quite aggrivating. Please help.
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