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Originally Posted by dolanenwindrift
Frankly IE 7 works great - I have been using Beta 3. In fact,I won't be going back to Firefox because of some issues it STILL has with some web sites I visit. I find it amusing that people bitch about the security holes in IE 6, and THEN turn around and bitch because Microsoft wants to issue IE 7 (which solves most of these security problems) as a high-priority update.

[rant]The thing is, this has been said over and over by MS. IE5 was supposed to be the fix all of the world and ended up causing some nice crashes when we upgraded at Telex...

Most people are just fed up with MS telling us that this is great for us only to find out they just put a new dress on the same promise as before....[/rant]
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It's OKAY WE accept you as you think you are here! ":O}
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